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Health Science 2

Health Science 2 applies the knowledge and skills that were learned in Health Science 1 while further challenging the students to learn more about the healthcare field. Health Science 2, will continue teaching in more detail, the units of study that include advanced study of infection control. They will learn about “Transmission-Based Precautions” and become more familiar with OSHA, HIPPA, and the CDC. Students in Health Science 2 will learn how to take vital signs, record them and learn what the data means. Students will learn how law and ethics are applied in the healthcare setting. This course will introduce students to basic patient care skills. Medical terminology, medical math, and pharmacology are incorporated throughout the lessons being taught. Students will have the opportunity to become certified in First Aid and CPR. Career pathways and scenarios are introduced through each section. Students in this course will further their knowledge of healthcare careers and future goals by participating in a job shadowing experiences. This course provides a foundation for further advancement in Health Science.