22 students graduate Early College program

WEST COLUMBIA, SC -- Twenty-two Lexington Two high school students in the district’s Early College program have earned certificates, diplomas, or both, and are invited to participate in Midlands Technical College’s graduation ceremony.


All of the Lexington Two students, from Airport and Brookland-Cayce High Schools, earned the college credits -- at no cost -- during their regular high school days.


Six students, all seniors, have earned Associate in Art or Associate in Science diplomas, including one who received both.  These students have earned a minimum 62 college credits and have taken 18-plus college courses.


Eighteen students -- 10 juniors and 8 seniors -- have earned General College Studies Certificates, with a minimum 18 college credits earned and six-plus college courses taken.


In addition, 28 students have earned Early College Scholar recognition, with a minimum 18 college credits and six-plus college courses, as well as at least a 3.0-plus grade point average.


There are roughly 100 Lexington Two high school students currently enrolled in various stages of the Early College program. Lexington Two was the area’s first school district to partner with Midlands Tech to offer the Early College program. 


“This program is a win-win for our students and their families,” said Lexington Two Superintendent Dr. William James Jr. “Our kids have gained a huge advantage, not only getting a significant jump-start on college work but saving on student loans, not working a job, not having mom and dad paying tuition.”


Early College differs from the AP program, in that students enrolled in AP courses must take the AP exam and receive the test score required by the college they wish to attend for the credit to be awarded. In the Early College certificate and degree programs, college credit is earned without an AP exam.


Among Lexington Two’s Early College students:

  • Associate in Arts and Associate in Science diploma: R'Moni Jarvis
  • Associate in Arts diploma: Samantha Turner, Hailei Watts, Kaitlyn Zinser
  • Associate in Science diploma: Courtney Bingham, Emily Ortega Lopez
  • General College Studies Certificate: Ahtyrie Anderson, Jasmine Beaver, Baileigh Cheeks, Bryce Evans, Sam LaFrage, Dylan Padgett, Lauren Pope, Caroline Reddick, Furman Senterfeit, Sura Shealey, Gracie Sightler, Ryan Sightler, Kaelyn Singleton, Quimoni Thomas, Samantha Turner, Kelsy White, Parker Whittle, Kaitlyn Zinser 
  • Early College Scholars: Ahtyrie Anderson, Jasmine Beaver, Mallory Berry, Courtney Bingham, Benjamin Bledsoe, Baileigh Cheeks, Bryce Evans, Saleem Grich, Olivia Henderson, R'Moni Jarvis, Samuel LaFrage, Emily Ortega Lopez, Dylan Padgett, Lauren Pope, Caroline Reddick, Furman Senterfeit, Sura Shealey, Gracie Sightler, Ryan Sightler,  Kaelyn Singleton, Jordan Skinner, Ashleigh Smith, Quimoni Thomas, Samantha Turner, Hailei Watts, Kelsy White, Parker Whittle, Kaitlyn Zinser  


Midlands Tech’s spring graduation ceremony has been rescheduled for December 9 at Colonial Life Arena due to COVID-19.